2019 Workshop, St. Thomas, Usvi


Exploring Hazards


Weeks 2 &3

What are the hazards associated with hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters? In this session, participants learned about historical storm trends and explored the various types of natural hazards present in the USVI. Additional activities included:

  • Participants listed the things they valued that could be damaged;

  • Participants connected storm preparedness to debris reduction;

  • Participants conceptualized and explored the impacts that the 2017 Hurricanes had on the islands using critical examination of aerial imagery and creative expression through art

  • Participants discovered how individual behaviours can reduce land-based debris items and marine debris items before and following a storm;

  • Participants reflected on how debris impacts the critical ecosystems of their island;

  • Participants built upon personal leadership skills of responsibility, feedback, creativity, positivity, public speaking.


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