2019 Workshop, St. Thomas, Usvi


Prioritize, Plan & Take Action


Week 7 & 8

To Be Self Reliant Prepare Early

Although we can track a hurricane’s progress days and weeks in advance of it being a direct threat, let’s remember that preparation takes time! Prepare early (have a plan and gather your supplies), and aim to be self-reliant (reduce your dependency and/or potential burden on others).

Check It Off The List

It’s easy to forget important hurricane preparedness items without a checklist - so keep one handy. You can download one here. If you already prepared for a previous storm, make sure your hurricane supplies are up to date and haven’t disappeared or expired since the last hurricane season!

This week, USVI Storm Strong workshop participants

  • developed a family preparedness plan

  • developed a disaster supply kit

  • created a home preparation checklist

  • created a plan for pets

  • discussed emotional preparedness

  • selected a Safe Place in which to shelter during a storm

Community Resilience

In addition to becoming more prepared as individuals and families, participants developed and presented their ideas for Community Transfer Projects (CTPs). CTPs are ways to make communities more resilient to hurricanes. In Week 8, CTP ideas were pitched to the group for funding and further development. Aren’t you curious to see what those ideas are?